´╗┐Teaching Business Communication Skills in English: Analysis of the Content

Goman Iuliia
St. Petersburg State University
Since application of the method of content analysis is wide and multifunctional, it seems possible to apply it to teaching business communication skills in English. The analysis comprises materials on the topic 'Environmental Sustainability'; it will help to demonstrate the fact that while acquiring business communication peculiarities in English not only do students improve language competence, but also they acquire a higher level of analytical and critical skills as well as more advanced awareness of environmental issues that they may encounter as representatives of society. This research aims at analysing texts and tasks' formulation and finding out proofs of advancing students' analytical and critical skills as well as their awareness of environmental issues. Improving analytical and critical skills is possible by means of formulating relevant tasks that students as future managers have to fulfil; organizing self-study (additional reading); presenting cases and finding solutions to them. Improving environmental awareness is the result of a proper upbringing that is achieved while studying the course in question and thanks to selecting the right materials for reading; fostering 'think climate', 'think green' approaches to environment; taking a responsible and active position in life. The results of the research will show a set of ways of improving analytical and critical skills (read about catastrophes, environmental issues; propose solutions to solve cases) as well as environmental awareness (learning how to count carbon footprint, selecting materials to read for making a presentation). Implication of content analysis of the materials for teaching will provide an insight into better organization of the course that improves a range of a future manager's skills.